Somthing Bad broke the ship!  Actually it was an Elasmosaurus...  And a pretty big one at that.!


Our Adventurers toyed with their powers against this average foe.  Freezing the vary waster it breaths in, helpless as its slowly being dragged out of the ocean as a huge frozen Ice-cube.

The final "push" was from Lord Zen, who after saving the Ship, cast the iced monster out to the far seas.

The ship lay in pieces after the damage...  and then somthing strange happened.  It started knitting trees into its decks and rigging, pulling towards it any type of wood it could find around itself.  This ship was self healing, at a cost of the stray trees and other wood types around it.  It is a surviver, and will meald with anthing it can to live, it strives to live...  One day, oh yes, ONE DAY.!

Our Adventurers headed out to the co-ordinates given to them by the drunken sailor, and the found an island covered in burning embers...  And maybe a little more...