Elidda: **Humph** "Ok, so I'm totally lost..!"
Sea Whisper: "as you believe....."

The Endeavor suddenly gets dragged from one element into another.  Everyone is hit by a rush of sea water as Endeavor is pulled under at great speed.  Deeper and deeper, it seems to never stop.  The crew, The Endeavor, Elidda and Lord Zen are disorientated and 1/3 of the crew fail to Caisson's.

As quickly as The Endeavor went under, it popped straight back up again.  Water rushing from the deck and portholes.  You could have swarn The Endeavor snorted as it rose, like a whale clearing its blowhole.

The sea around the ship is calm.  the sun is on the horizen, and no land can be seen.

Elidda Burrows finds herself lost at sea.  Stags joind her after getting lost in a book.  And so the whole party is now floating in the ocean with a ship to stubborn to move as it cannot get a baring, because it cannot see the land.

Crew member: "What magic is this..?"
Shadow Warden Advisor: "There is no magic at play here.  Only Nature.  It is natural to feel lost sometimes, and so you become lost.  The interesting bit is getting un-lost.  Sometimes the subtlest of clues are over looked"

**Mimics Staggs Qurks**

Shadow Warden Advisor: "Sometimes you have to think about what your actually looking for before you find what your really looking for."

**points to Elidda**

Shadow Warden Advisor: "I can advise, but I cannot know the answer.  This task is primarally for you alone, Elidda, but say a little help from your companions - which will, lets say, be overlooked..."

The Shadow Warden smiles, and maybe winks, as he backs into a *gone*.