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The planet Amazonia, as it's called by most scientists, is an ice planet in a vast solar system with twenty-three other planets.
Amazonia is about 6.8 times bigger than Earth and its gravity is about 3.97 times that of Earth.


A single day lasts 41.09 hours and a year lasts 454 days. The planet is made up of 14 continents, which make up 89% of the planet's landmass. 4 moons orbit the planet and Amazonia itself orbits a yellow sun in a slightly elliptic orbit.

Surprisingly, life hasn't managed to find its way on this planet. The conditions are perfect however, so all it takes now is time and the right trigger. Once life does find its way here, it would certainly flourish and hopefully give birth to spectacular species.

Meenwhile, Lord Zen still wonders what he should do next, and the rest of the demi-gods have found themselves in The Dark Lair of Emirkol the Chaotic. What fun.! A huge labyrinth of tricks, traps and treasure.! What way will this lead our group of mis-fit adventurers.!