Emirkol The Chaotic

For Emirkol faith did not manifest in calm prayer or serene meditation. He achieved the transcendent feeling of the divine when he was in the throes of battle for his deity. However, he once met a disgraced exile, and found in his words and attitudes something that spoke to him. What once seemed true in his religion began to appear false the more time Emirkol spent with this person, and he quickly learned not to trust faith - especially among those who would claim to be of holy divinity.

Disappointed in Emirkol's disbelief, his once deity whom gifted him with such power, cursed Emirkol so that he would never be welcome in the after-realm, and thus Emirkol is doomed to live forever.

Emirkol now draws his power from unwavering convictions to his causes. Emirkol is less interested in the theological and metaphysical aspects of faith and belief and gains pleasure in the harsh reality of destroying your faith.

He will wander these lands and defile Tombs of worship wherever he dares to tread, until religious faith becomes nothing than a passing idea someone once had.

Emirkol is a faithless Inquisitor. And to this fact, makes him extremely dangerous. His strength in his disbelief of deities can weaken the wannabe deities and bring demi-humans to their knees.