Solaris has been asleep for so long.  Her skin toughened by time, and her blood thinned by negect, and her mind stumped over the years of thought to the pont where there was nothing left to think about.  Ever waiting for the creature who is worthy of her knowledge.

Enter Zen.  A once demi-god, that has been reduced to self sacrifice and then resurrected again by his returning heart, planted by Emirkol the Chaotic (a "seed" if you like), bumbling along on personal self righteous quest to become "All Seeing".

Solaris can feel his breath on the wind in her leaves.... Maybe Zen is the creature she has been waiting for.  Maybe Zen is the creature that needs Solaris's teachings, after all "All Seeing" comes with its Responcibilitys and Consequences.

She opens her path for him to find, littile knowing that he has tread this very path before.  And did Emirkol forsee this?

Fate has a funny way of comming around.  Season 6: The trials of Solaris - Have begun.

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