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Zero.  As his name firsts suggests - no quantity, nought, nothing, cipher, nil.  He had no direction, no path, no purpose, No destiny.  With a mixed number of skills that seem to null each other out, Zero was not meant to be.  He was natures "mistake".  You get them from time to time, and they wander the land with no direction.


But fret not - Nature will always find a way to help those who are worth helping.

Nassati the Great, A warrior assassin from a secret guild has sensed a shift in Natures Karma, something or someone has fallen of it sacred lifeline, or had it severed.  Nassati had an overwhelming sense of responsibility for this lost soul, he does yet not know why, but he must find them and help them... maybe kill them.

Nassati began his search.  Days became weeks, and weeks became months, and those months became years.  18 years to be precise.  Never failing to search for the soul, he also never neglecting his training, Nassati practised his art every morning as not to forget what he learned in his guild.  However, tthe years took their toll, and like Chinese whispers are to words, so too was routine to his training, and his practice became his meditation, and his meditation became his spirit - his art.

Nassati the Great, an Oracle to Zed.  One of few who still practice the art of Assasin as a sgn of respect of life and balance and not for its more common Stereotype - A Contract killer.  The difference is Art and Skill.  Assasin's who follow the skill will kill with no remorse.  Assasin's who follow the art have respect for their target, they may even talk to them, take them to dinner, make sure there death is quick and painless, then help guide them through the ethereal realm to meet their maker and grant a sinless passage, everyone should have a second chance in death.  You cannot choose to be an Art Assasin, they are chosen by nature, by Karma, by sense.

18 years pass when Nassati the Great should happen to wander into Okam Wood.  His target, his calling, stare right back at him.  Helpless and beaten by the Thief guild trials, this was going to be an easy task.

Zero - Trialled by reason, by question.  His death is destined, it was inevitable, he was a mistake, but death would not be dealt by Nassati's hand.  Zero's lifelines cross, a messy mesh of unanswered questions.  Spiritualists say this is caused by the birth spirit unwisely desperate to become a sentient being and skipping a few rules.  Nassati came to fix this.  Nassati's wisdom, guided by sense and reason, asked the questions that Zero's birth spirit had skipped.  And made to remember these questions, these "memories", Nassati The Great sentenced Zero's wandering mistake to death by the hands of a Thief, as it should be, a life was stolen by Zero's birth spirit and as such a Thief should take it back.  Only A Thief can take a life like this and leave the spirit.

The birth spirit remembers.  It remembers its kin, its life trials, its training.  It remembers it purpose and steps back onto a lifeline, its lifeline, this universes lifeline.  

Time catches up.  A wanderer enters Okam Wood.  His name? "Zero", and He has a purpose yet to discover..

Zero.  As his name now suggests - Focus, and set the sights on your goals.