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When our adventruers get a little stuck, or loose there way, they need a little miracle.  This is where "Max the Alch'" comes in with his cart full of wonderus items.!

 - "No Geraldo, thats not possable.  They will have to make do with Max."
- "Ha ha ha.!"
- "Maybe, but that would cause more damage.  Balance would be lost forever, and I can't..."
- "...yes, thats a good point, but as I was saying, I can't interfere with Man no more, the balance is....  Shhh Geraldo, Max is approaching the village, I want to see how this plays out."


Max - "Hay you.!, Town Guard.!  Where can I set up Shop.?  I can smell a sale in the air and people need Miracles.!"
Guard - *humph* - "Over there Max...  You haven't brought the..."
Max - "No No, Shhh...  NO.!  no, not after last time, do you now how many shirts I had to wash.!"
The Guard gives a little chuckle and roles his eyes.  And with a flourish, Max sets up his pop up potions parlour.


2 Adventurers approach Max's little shop - And, *snigger* walk away knowing very little about what they have... still *snigger*.


- "Well that went slightly unexpected..."
- "...yes I beleve so."