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And so this week our adventurers found the center of  The Secret Catacombs of Mara.  After, I might add, litterally going around in circles.  They encountered Mara's Mirror, and spoke with 2 key skeletons who each had a riddle to solve, but only ONE riddle can be answered.  

They must choose wisely, they must choose with care, the clues are in each of the riddles to which one leads to harmony and to which one leads to some shady business - and the answer must be pronounced clearly to the room.  Both answers are right, but only one is safe.

So naturally, Bob shouts out an answer.

The Mirror chuckles to itself.

The Curse is complete.  Who they are, who they think they are, who they want to be, but who they have actually become.  This is a Curse on fate itself.  The stakes have just been raised.