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Zero has only hrs left to live, cursed with the undead demon parasite in his brain and a quest to get "the" Artifact from the Arcane for Miracle Max, there is only one thing to do.!  And that is "spill the beans.!"

The Arcane. A merchant and creator of scrolls, and much like Max is found wherever there is a potential trade in magical items. It appears tall, lanky, and blue with an elongated face and thin fingers; each finger having one more joint than is common in most humanoid life.

After A small scuffle with some fire lizards and the return of Lord Stag, our adventurers navigate the cave and crossed the rope bridge to the Lair of The Arcane. There they saw The Arcane, protected by some form of salt based protective barrier. It seems to be scribing something into scrolls, and even though it is fully aware of its visitors, it remains diligent and undistracted from its activities.

It was at this point, a few of our adventurers decided to bounce off the protected barrier, Bob the dragon had a bit of an encounter with some Ancient Dragons blood and is now a rock hard cacoon, and Zero decided to spill the beans about "The Demons in his head". Well, The Arcane soon fixed that. With a quick flick-of-the-wrist the parasite was dead - however, still inside Zero's brain, and currently bleeding its demonic undead blood into Zero's system.

What is poor Zero to do? The clock is still ticking. He will die in 6hrs and still no Artifact.  Whats worse is he has angered The Arcane which has made it difficult to acquire "the" artefact.  What is this youngling to do?

Meanwhile, Bob hatches human in form. And in a distant place, someone is listening, and as a consequence - A new Demi-God is born to this realm. Max is pleased, things are starting to fall into place. Not quite like he'd hoped, but better.

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lord.lethris replied the topic: #139 4 years 7 months ago
Hello mate :) I'm glad you still follow this.

yea, alots happened, I've not been updating the site as much as I should. But I will try to keep it going this year :)

Just got to get the players involved.

Shhh about the Circle of protection spell, they haven't even sused that out yet ;)
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Swfengal.Wegart replied the topic: #138 4 years 7 months ago
WOW, an update :-)

Where have you guys been? looks like a lot has happened, where has Stag been?
Can no one dispell magic on that circle of protection?